I’ve admired the way Tom Leding puts down the principles of Biblical success in Christian prosperity and makes it work for his family and for God. -Oral Roberts

Tom Leding Biography

Born a coal miner’s son in rural Arkansas, young Tom Leding had a burning desire to rise above his humble beginnings and become a success in the business world. Following the principles of prosperity he learned from the Word of God, Tom went on to defy all odds and become one of Tulsa’s most noted businessmen.

Tom earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business law from La Salle University, plus a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in philosophy from Golden State University. Later, Tom also earned a doctorate in literature from Antioch Christian University.

Even though he started out small in the business world, Tom kept believing big. As he followed the prosperity principles he found in the Bible, he began to rise to the top of his field in every endeavor he set out to accomplish.

  • He was chief accountant at American airlines for nearly five years.
  • For twenty-three years, he was an agent with the Farmer’s Insurance Group, where he set company records for the largest single policy ever sold. For seven years, he was also the number-one salesman among the company’s 14,000 agents.
  • For more than a decade, Tom ran a full-service insurance and investment agency, supervising a staff of ten brokers while he personally managed a multimillion-dollar portfolio for his clients.
  • A member of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship since 1955, Tom served for several years as International Treasurer of the organization, which includes 4,000 chapters in 154 nations. Today Tom is an FGBMFI International Director and one of twelve members on the President’s Council of the organization. He also served on the boards of several international ministries, often acting in the capacity of financial advisor.

During the 1980s, Tom faced a difficult challenge when he got involved in some business ventures that ultimately failed. After doing so well in the insurance business, Tom watched as his assets were wiped out. However, he knew he could overcome every setback and climb once more to success by following the same scriptural principles that had brought him “from rags to riches” in the past. Since that time, God has been faithful to bless Tom as He has led him step by step into this present season of full-time ministry.

Today Tom Leding is a man on a mission, a minister of the Gospel focused on one thing: fulfilling the divine mandate God has given him to help lead His people out of poverty into prosperity. Tom is a much sought-after teacher who ministers in churches and conferences throughout the United States, Central America, and overseas. He has also made appearances on TBN, TCT, Daystar TV, Cornerstone, and several independent television and radio networks. As he effectively shares from his wealth of biblical knowledge concerning God’s will to prosper His people, Tom inspires Christians to break out of their “poverty mentality” once and for all so they can enter into the abundant life God has planned for them.
Tom is also the author of several best-selling books, including Rags to Riches: You Don’t Have To Be Poor; The Making of a King; Who Said That?; The Leding Action Plan for Success; and Your Greatest Asset.

Tom and his wife Sue reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have one son, Ron; a daughter-in-law, Carol; and two grandchildren, Adam and Rebecca.

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